Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bakery Cake or Cupcake Price Picks

If you own a bakery and have a display counter with your baked desserts, I think these designer price cake picks would look awesome. I have just recently started adding my designs to them. I'm looking into seeing whether these picks will be able to accept a dry-erase marker on them so that you can write your price on them instead of having to have it printed on.  You can always remove the price that I have set up as a template and use a label maker with clear tape to add your price.  When the price changes, you can remove the tape. It's just an idea. :) These picks are 100% customizable and come in three different shapes.

Edit:  You can use a sharpie marker (not permanent) or grease pencils on these to write on and scrub off when the price changes.

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